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About Sino-i

About Sino-i

Corporate Introduction


Sino-i Technology Limited (“Sino-i”) is a company listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 0250), whose main business is to provide e-commerce and informational operation services for SMEs in China. Sino-i’s headquarters is in Beijing, and its major subsidiaries are CE Dongli and Xinnet etc., having about 8,000 employees working in 120 branch offices in 80 cities nationwide.

CE Dongli provides localized and SaaS mode e-commerce and informational application services for SMEs in China by means of its branch offices on nationwide basis, whose main businesses are development of websites, B2C, corporate email and e-sales and promotions etc. Xinnet provides internet basic services for SMEs in China by means of its on-line direct sales and agents on nationwide basis, whose main businesses are domain name registration, virtual main frame and self-service website etc.

CE Dongli has been one of the leading corporations in IT service market in China for many years, which is, among with IBM and HP, one of the top 3 corporations providing IT sub-contracting services in China. Both CE Dongli and Xinnet have achieved major market share in website construction, virtual mainframe and corporate email. Xinnet is the corporation having the largest number of registration for and highest growth rate of domain names under Generic top-level domain (gTLD) in China. Xinnet being the sole corporation in China has been one of the top 10 corporations in having the largest number of registration for the domain names under Generic top-level domain. In addition, Xinnet is one of the top three corporations in China, having the largest number of registration for and highest growth rate of domain names under China top-level domain name. In addition, Xinnet is one of the leading corporations in China achieving large domain name resolution volume of Domain Name System (DNS).

Technological creativity is the key of success. Sino-i has developed a strong information development and operation team, having approximately 2,000 R&D employees, which is a chair unit of “Changfeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance” under Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The main theme of “Changfeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance” is to produce an SaaS service system in Chinese style, using SPS as core development for standards which are suitable for IT service operations in China.

In respect of ICT infrastructural development, Sino-i has set up its professional IDCs in Beijing, Guangzhou and Suzhou etc., establishing highly secured and reliable internet environment which successfully removes telecommunication barriers between northern and southern parts of China. Having over 3,000 operational equipment, and by establishing a united laboratory with such corporations as NetApp and HP for realizing computerization pooling and storage pooling. In the e-commerce sector, Sino-i has innovated tailor-made services and characterized e-commerce platform. Sino-i has its 10 technologies been patented, and become a corporation fulfilling the criteria for certain patent technologies recognized by the Chinese government in Beijing.

Our Group believes that the only means for SMEs strengthening up their competitiveness is to be informational in light of the information era of global economy, and e-commerce is the key success for SMEs becoming informational. As a result, our Group will continue to focus on promoting SME e-commerce and informational development, and to innovate and launch much improved services for development of intelligent corporations and entrepreneurs in China!

IT Industry

Sino-i has been fully dedicated to IT industry since 1999. Through unremitting efforts in corporate IT operations, basic internet services, office applications, financial information and distance education, etc., Sino-i has successfully developed into a corporate group consisting of such well-known subsidiaries as CE Dongli, Xinnet, RedFlag Chinese 2000, Yidaba.com, Shihua and Chinese Dadi , having tremendous scale in IT application service sector in China, strong business competence, powerful R&D ability and extensive business network.

In 1999, CE Dongli, a subsidiary of Sino-i, with a very prospective vision, initiated the use of operation model to realize IT information services in China, and such model was adopted by the State Council as the core direction of IT industry development in the medium and long-term technology planning. To form an effective complement to CE Dongli’s business model, Sino-i acquired Xinnet in 2003. Xinnet is one of the main providers of domain name registration and virtual hosting services, which offers basic services of e-commerce and network communication through more than 10,000 distributors. According to IDC report, in 2006 and 2007, CE Dongli was in the sixth place in the Chinese IT service market. In the second half year of 2007, it, for the first time, took over IBM and was ranked number one in Chinese IT outsourcing market.

The key of IT operation is the construction of an operation supporting platform. CE Open , a subsidiary of Sino-i, as a platform operator of PaaS (Platform as a Service), has constructed the e-commerce and digital management application service operation platforms suitable for SMEs for CE Dongli, Xinnet, Yidaba and ISV (independent software vendors). In accordance with the technical conception of “Open-up, Open-source and Standard”, CE Open focuses on user experience, and conducts the development of component-based software and module-based service on the base of SOA (service oriented architecture). Basing on ITILv3 (IT infrastructure library), CE Open provides such comprehensive IT services as service plan, service design, service interaction, service operation and continuous service improvement, and uses SLA (service level agreement) for assurance of the quality of customer services. Meanwhile, as the chair organization of ChangFeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance Service Promotion Team, CE Open actively promotes the application and development of domestic basic software and procures the domestic software manufacturers to focus on service-oriented, and puts forward the Chinese characterized SaaS (software as a service) system, and establishes standards and criterion suitable for Chinese IT service operation by basing on SPS(service + platform +software).

Office software, being one of the basic corporate IT applications, is the baton product of Sino-i for the IT process for SME subsequent to the launch of e-commerce and digital management. Open source strategy is the key strategy for independent innovation of IT in China because open source software provides users application services in a continuous manner, which has been the long-term target of Sino-i. In 2006, Sino-i’s acquisition of Redflag 2000, a domestic software foregoer, was an important move for accommodating the same strategic path. In 2008, OpenOffice.org Annual Conference was successfully organized by Redflag 2000, which was a strong support to this strategy. Meanwhile, as a chair organization of “ChangFeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance Service Promotion Team”, Redflag 2000 has progressively involved in establishing standards for the State’s files, which in turn has initiated an important effect on promoting the national standards and developing national standard related industries.

Yidaba.com, a subsidiary of Sino-i, focuses on servicing SME in China. Its mission is to assist SME in continuing development, and it is a network business circle for gathering various business sectors and people for exchanging and sharing of business, sales, management and development. Yidaba.com provides such comprehensive services in those 3 aspects of information platform, business communication community and corporate application service as required by companies, which is not only helping SME seize market opportunities, resolve their problems and conduct effective sales and marketing but also comprehensively satisfying various needs on internet from companies and business people.

Sino-i transformed its Shihua in 2001, into a financial tool provider based on the Chinese market. Its product and service brand name - Shihua Caixun, has been providing financial information services, including real-time and historical financial information, data, market information and professional analysis, to domestic professional investors, economists and decision-makers of financial institutes. Shihua Caixun covers global and domestic markets of futures, bonds, stocks and foreign exchanges, and also information relating to major domestic industries. By integrating advanced technologies, Shihua Caixun has become the most comprehensive professional financial information platform in China, it supports investors and decision-makers to grasp economic trends in China, widens the vision of China and global economic development and leads the development of Chinese financial information market to international level.

Chinese Dadi is a corporation focusing on provision of distance education contents and studying support services under Sino-i’s intellectual chain, providing internet education and support services in tutorial self-study for examination, management, lingual, financial accounting and computer for domestic and overseas individuals and study groups.

Technical Advantages

Technological innovation is the key to core competitiveness. Through years of efforts, Sino-i has developed a strong technical team with over 2,000 persons. With CE Open , Redflag 2000 and Beijing Co-Creation Open Source Company Limited (“Co-Creation Open Source”) as its core, Sino-i has established its R&D and operation team consisting of over 1,800 technical personnel, including over 200 technical operation engineers.

Through years of research and practice, the team has got remarkable achievements in several sectors. In respect of ICT (information communication technology) infrastructure, CE Open has set up huge and professional IDC (internet data center) in Beijing, Guangzhou and Suzhou, which realize intercommunication between northern and southern parts in China and provide a highly safe and reliable network environment with over 3,000 operation equipment of which the number is increasing . By establishing united laboratories with such companies as NetApp and HP, realizing computer pooling and memory pooling. “Cloud Computing” environment is developed basing on MySql’s database integrated technology in the [distributing format of the word system] co-developed by Sino-i and Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In e-commerce sector, Sino-i has creatively developed a demand-oriented and personalized e-commerce platform. Meanwhile, Co-Creation Open Source’s desktop operating system and RedOffice – the standard applications for Loongsun computer, have been labeled as “The first all-round open-source computer ” by Richard Stallman, the free software spiritual leader. In view of communication aspect, such products as standard address list, mail, short message and instant communication have been developed, and all such products have been integrated into a meaningful “Integrated Communication Platform”. In view of such aspects as real estate, hotel, mechanical manufacturing and digital cinema, the technical team is continuously providing comprehensive and systematic solutions to the clients. Based on these achievements, CE Open has applied for ten something technology patents, becoming a patent engine experimental corporation in Beijing.

Given talents are the source of force for technological innovation, Sino-i has established a sound talent strategy in selection, adaptation, training and growth. By establishing a skilled engineering team, a professional expert team and a management team with technological background for providing a wide space for personal development which attracts a large number of talents to join, and as a result making Sino-i’s technical strength increased continuously.

Product and service quality is the vital for every corporation. Sino-i has established a strict management system in product development, service provision and service assurance. Strictly following such quality standards as ISO9000, ISO20000 and CMM/CMMI etc. together with the company’s R&D, continuing operation improvement and optimizing the planning, development, testing and operation for continuing increasing clients’ satisfaction of the products and services.

As a member of Changfeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance and OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards), Sino-i’s technical team has been actively participating in technological activities domestically and abroad. Sino-i is not only the proactive promoter of ODF and UOF but also resulting from abilities and enthusiasm, it has been the core member of openoffice.org community, principal member of ChinaDRM forum and main participant of Mozilla community.

The transformation of software towards service orientation has provided opportunities and challenges for development of software industry in China. By having long period of experience and practice in software service sector, Sino-i’s technical team will become the most influential operator in China, providing safe, applicable, worthy and high-quality software products and services for the development of China’s innovative software industry, promotion of market share of self-made software products, optimization of domestic software industry structure and construction of SaaS software product chain; assuring the smooth implementation of the IT process in China; and contributing much of its energy to the foregoing.

Strength of Team


To promote the development of a knowledgeable society is Sino-i’s unchangeable mission. If it is said that Sino-i’s management team were regarded as the brain of the company in the process of achieving the mission, while its strong technical power and powerful business team would have been its feet for moving forward. Only their power and strength and their concord are the largest assurance of supporting the company to sustain in the society and leading to development of the industry. Sino-i owns a premier business team, having years of practices and experiences, the team has become a vigorous and aggressive troop, making remarkable achievements in all related sectors.

In view of business model, CE Dongli provides clients with localized and one-to-one professional consultant services in accordance with the corporate clients’ specific requirements not only in major cities but also in second and third grade ones, and in turn builds up a huge business and service network. Xinnet’s main business model is agency, having over 10,000 agents and alliance service providers nationwide. By means of those agents and service providers, Xinnet is able to render localized and high-quality services for SME. Being the first corporate portal, “yidaba.com” uses the brand new model of “corporate portal”. For business channels and service contents, yidaba.com together with CE Dongli and Xinnet form a close and complementary strategic system assisting SME to develop continuously.

Meantime, Sino-i’s IT product line for government departments, financial institutes and medium and large corporations is getting mature. For increasing the development ability and operation efficiency for the purpose of aiming at the big client market in the IT business sector, Sino-i has set up a direct-selling department for institutional clients and a big-client direct-distribution system by integrating its internal resources, and will construct an integrated sales platform for big clients by using its advantages.

In view of the foregoing, by means of localized and face-to-face professional consultation services, channel agency, customer sales, B2B corporate portal website etc., Sino-i has developed a nationwide, all-round, multi-functional business service network, set up over 120 direct branches in more than 70 cities all over the nation, and boasted over 4,000 well trained business personnel. The business team emphasizes on overall planning and strategic approaches, and is gradually developing its global vision and execution power. Through unremitting practice and audacious probe, and by means of a self-created Chinese style IT application service operation model, the team has provided information application services, from fundamental to comprehensive level, to over 600,000 corporations, assisted clients to smoothly cross over the threshold of IT and to realize different levels of e-commerce operations.


Since its establishment, Sino-i has been paying extra attention to the construction and development of its technical team. At present,there are over 1,600 software R&D personnel and 200 engineers, of whom about 140 persons are holders of master’s degree or doctoral degree. IT service mode is fully fused into software R&D, product provision and technical support. The software service model of SaaS (Software as a Service) is extensively adopted. In the sectors of e-commerce, corporate IT, office applications, finance, knowledge management, multi-media communication and portal website etc., the team has realized from application software development and system solution to integration of operation supporting platform, and it also provides premier technical solutions for various business sectors.

IT Application Service Operation
The technical R&D team, adhering to open source technology and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) concept, by virtue of its own strength, develops the unique IT application service operation technical support platform - Intelligent Integrated Seamless Solution (I²SS platform). Based on the distributed multi-layer system structure of Java EE, the platform adopts advanced component technology, and completes the customization of interface by means of XML and XSLT technologies. The team has successfully resolved the domestic groundbreaking technical problems of realizing “Personalization of User Interface, Business Data and Business Process” on a unified technical platform. As a result, the technical support system which is “unified, standard, capable of supporting multiple terminals and providing tens of thousands of customers with platform based products” has really realized, which has been firstly deployed and successfully expanded in China.

Open Source Technology
In 2005, Sino-i established Institute of Open Source, consisting of multimedia, SSO and SOA labs, aiming at mastering and transfering open source technology. Under the guidance of this principle, the technical team proactively participated in the SOA open-source project of Apache community - Tuscany (one of the most important projects in SOA sector with IBM support); submitted part of codes and documents, and helped users to solve problems in the community mailing list. The team took part in the work of Mozilla open source community (development of the best existing open-source browser Firefox), used a series of corporate communication products developed by its open-source technology for putting forward and resolving some bugs in Mozilla codes. The team also promoted the development and expansion of corporate Java technologies by means of technical framework of Webx suitable for corporate quick web application development whose construction was based on such open source Java technologies as Struts, Spring, Hibernate and etc. and planning to open its self-developed skeleton codes. In multimedia aspect, the team participated Apple’s open-source program of Darwin, and also established multi-media server cluster more suitable for streaming media services, which has been applied and promoted in some districts and hotels and in turn greatly reduced the streaming media cost. The team is also preparing to submit part of the source codes of the multi-media server cluster to the open source community when appropriate. In addition, Linux, MySQL, Jboss and other open-source technologies have been substantially used as system environment for the support platform of data centre. As a result, not only a large number of open-source technical talents have been cultivated but also IT service costs of SME have greatly reduced.

Office Software
Sino-i all along insists on the technical concept of opening and standard of open source. Developing national fundamental software based on open source technologies is a core part of the construction roadmap of IT for Chinese corporations committed by Sino-i. In 2006, Sino-i completed the acquisition of Redflag 2000, and rapidly developed its R&D team from tens of people to a technical team of 300 staff. The team is the only team fully involved in open source community in China, and is the main source of feedback to community totally in accordance with GPL rules, but also one of initiation units and core policymakers of uniform office format of open document format (UOF) in China.

Office package product of RedFlag 2000 realizes the combination of such major parts as web, desktop and internet support platform, which eventually forms the ultimate agglomeration of supporting network office environment, and provides services for the users via internet interactive services . The forthcoming brand new version of Redflag 2000 office software is entirely fulfilled international ISO standard (namely the ODF—OpenDocument Format). As the office software is adopted completely different design and technical operation strategy, combined with three core ideas of traditional software, internet application and service operations, it will inevitably become the watershed of new generation office software and traditional office software, and it is regarded as a new development direction of the industry by the international open source community.

Data Centre
On the basis of long-term operation practices, the technical team of Sino-i has adopted and developed the global fad ITIL operations frame, established a scientific and sound organization structure, continuously improved the constructions of business and system operations; pooling of storage and computation; virtualized operation; process automation; system standardization; standardization of appraisal in basis operating services; technical services; management services; business services; and training consultation services, which in turn form a professional technical operation security for its core-competitiveness.

Sino-i uses large-scale expansive data centres of Beijing Netcom, Guangdong Telecom and Shanghai Telecom in the northern, southern and eastern parts of China respectively, for realizing inter-communications between north and south, catering different business focuses, and providing much relevant contents in a much professional manner. Each of the data centres is also used for disastrous recovery for each other.. The 3 information data centres (IDCs) being used by the operation centre, are Grade A data centres of the respective telecommunication group. Each of the IDCs leases the operation centre a 2G bandwidth out of the total bandwidth of 20G, and connects to the backbone network of Chinanet, for providing speedy services of various contents; multimedia contents on demand; live broadcast supporting services; and various disaster recovery services in different areas. The operation centre has established its autonomous system by means of the 3 IDCs, having its own ASN and IP address; realizing BGP4 inter-communication with the four biggest operators (China Telecom, CNC, China Mobile and China Unicom); achieving transmission, border gateway protocol (BGP) and virtual private network (VPN) with key data link service providers, e.g. China Cable Television Network Company Limited (cncatv.com), CITIC Networks Management Company Limited (netmgt.citic.com), Great Wall Broadband Network Service Company Limited (bjgwbn.net.cn) and CECT-Chinacomm Communications Company Limited (cect-chinacomm.com) etc.; and realizing the interconnection with the national backbone network access point (NAP) (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong). Meanwhile, the IDC carries out all-year-round 24-hour continuous surveillance, guarded around the clock by security personnel and 24 hours real-time detected by NOC. The data centre adopts high quality servers, such as HP, DELL and IBM etc.; RAID storage structure; HP SAN large scale memory devices which will automatically carry out backup on regular intervals for ensuring the data’s high performance, security and reliability.

A company listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited(Stock Code:0250)???? Sino-i Technology Limited Copyright 
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