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Corporate IT Application Services

CE Dongli

CE Dongli Technology Group Company Limited

CE Dongli Technology Company Limited("CE Dongli"), established in 1999, is an IT application service operator early developed all over the country with large scale, broad service network and plentiful professional service personnel. With more than 70 branches directly, and over 6,000 staffs including more than 1,000 R&D engineers, CE Dongli has provided comprehensive, multi-layered IT application services and information solutions for nearly 250,000 enterprises. According to the research report of global authority organizations, CE Dongli ranks the sixth in China's IT services market in 2007, simultaneously the first of domestic enterprises in China's IT outsourcing service market for three consecutive years, and was evaluated as the first brand of China enterprises IT services in the industry.

Adhering to the operation principle of "Customer-focused" since its establishment, CE Dongli commits itself to developing E-commerce and realizing the informationization of Chinese enterprises. Through in-depth study of the actual needs of customers, it initiates itself into setting up IT application service operation modes for enterprises, as well as provides comprehensive, standardized and one-stop IT application services and information solutions for customers face to face through the huge national commerce network. Its main products include networking essentials series, digital business series, digital management series, dynamic communication series, network popularizing series, etc.

Complete series of IT application service operation platform, independently researched and developed by CE Dongli and represented by digital business platform and digital management platform, successfully helps SMEs lower their overall operation costs and promote the competitiveness of developing e-commerce. By using "Application Service" guidance and "Seamless" upgrading, customers neither need professional IT technical personnel, nor need to worry about system upgrading and maintenance. This platform can help enterprises enjoy advanced IT technology with lower cost, easily face changes of market competition and demand as well as develop e-commerce and network marketing.
Strong technical strength and perfect operation service system are the foundation of CE Dongli's IT application services. The large-scale powerful technical team walks in the advanced technology front, tracks development trend of the latest IT technology, as well as discerns changes of market and users' demand. In aggressive progress and positive innovation, the Company continuously applies the advanced technology to product research and development, system upgrading and operation support of operation platform. CE Dongli has established many very large-scale professional independent equipment rooms, possessing gigabit exclusive bandwidth, thousands of high-performance servers, professional firewall, anti-virus gateway and other safety facilities. It also takes the lead in launching 7×24-hour uninterrupted operation and maintenance services for real-time response to customers' demand and solving users' problems immediately. Through the three IDCs established in North China, South China and East China, CE Dongli can realize the interconnection of the whole network. 

According to the corporate spirit of "Responsibility, Diligence, Professionalism and Innovation", CE Dongli will be constantly pursue excellence, by means of professional and high quality services, so that Chinese enterprises can enjoy the latest high-tech IT achievements, easily develop e-commerce to realize informationization anytime and anywhere as well as extend market opportunities and dreams to all over the world!






Xinnet technology information Co., Ltd.("Xinnet") (www.xinnet.com), founded in 1993, is a well-known information-based service application operator at home and abroad. Among the first group of domain registration institutions authorized by ICANN and CNNIC, Xinnet sets domain names as its pivot business while also offering a series of value-added services like virtual host, and corporate mailbox. With a nationwide network of more than 30 branches and more than 10,000 core channel partners, Xinnet has provided over 100 million enterprises with informationization basic application services, covering a market share of more than 30%.

Xinnet's competitive edges cover client-oriented product creativity, strong marketing capability, professional research and development operation, uninterrupted customer services, favorable brand reputation as well as high-talented working team. Xinnet has won the title of CNNIC Gold Medal Registration Institution for successive years, and the awards such as "Excellent Information Service Provider", "Top Ten Recommended Brands of Corporate Mail", "Best Channel of China's Basic Internet Service", "Domain Registration Star Prize", "E-mail Industry Development Innovation Prize" issued by authorities in this field and media. Official statistics show that Xinnet ranks first in China in domain retaining amount and virtual host quantity.

For years, Xinnet has been strictly following the spirit of responsibility, enterprising, cooperation and mutual benefit, with the aim of building the most reliable and effective IT basic service platform and perfect operation services. Guided by the brand's slogan "Follow New on e-Road", Xinnet will continue to contribute the best fundamental facilities to China's informatisation.

A company listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited(Stock Code:0250)???? Sino-i Technology Limited Copyright 
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