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  • 2011-06-06 11:54:21  (Views:136)

CE Dongli speeds up conventional textile industry development

On May 27, 2011, the 1st "Technological Innovation Summit Forum of Guangdong Textile Industry" was inaugurated in Guangdong Science Museum. Zhou Xiang, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, together with local textile experts and representatives of CE Dongli, one of the largest informationization operation service provider in China, made special reports and discussions about the low-carbon economy and information reform and innovation in connection with the textile industry.

So far a number of large industrial information service websites namely “Guangdong Textile Engineering Society” and “Guangdong Textile Association” etc. have been established in the province on the public information service platform for the textile industry in Guangdong province, which provide users with substantial and latest professional information services and become an important source of both industrial information and market information for corporations in the industry. The websites can be used for promotion of corporate images and products, and it is more important that it provide a channel for e-commerce and internet sales.  In view of the changing informationization nowadays, practical use of corporate websites has become the intrinsic need for all informationization of textile industry.

Textile industry is reported to have been listed by the government as the nation’s pilot informationization industry.  Textile industry is largely based in Guangdong province.  In order to strengthen textile industry, information technology is inevitable as it may upgrade the self-innovative ability and competitiveness of the whole industry throughout the province by integrating informationization and industrial process.  In the coming three years, comprehensive integration between informationization and industrialization will be taken place in textile industry in Guangdong province, and  priority is to be given in such three areas as the construction of textile public information service platform; textile corporate informationization; and textile e-commerce.

Being an expert in informationization operation and having 11 years’ practice of providing excellent customer service, CE Dongli has  provided services for over 12,000 enterprises in 25 provinces of the country since the launch of its “The Growing Enterprise Information Service Project” in October 2010.  CE Dongli is reported that it has established service centers in 70 cities nation-wide, which provide  the most professional, systematic, secure and effective localized information services by means of a team of over 1,200 R&D and operation engineers, for 300,000 SMEs in over 150 business sectors, in relation to the integrated informationization operation solutions for fundamental e-commerce applications including website construction, email box and internet sales etc.

In this forum, CE Dongli also entered into partnership with Guangdong Textile Engineering Society in relation to the “Operation Upgrading and Growth: Nationwide Speech Tour on Enterprise Information Application 2011” for the eastern part of Guangdong under which CE Dongli is to provide popularization and training on the e-commerce construction and application of textile industry.

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