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  • 2011-05-18 11:56:56  (Views:128)

CE Dongli calls on the establishment of industrial standard

In the afternoon of May 13, 2011, a large scale symposium about the industrial standard for the informationization of SMEs was held in Mingzheng Hall, Beijing Jade Palace Hotel. The atmosphere of the symposium was exceptionally enthusiastic, and the participants expressed their views upon the chaos of the informationization of SMEs and the causes of such chaos. The symposium was jointly organized by CE Dongli and ChinaByte CIO Club, aiming at gathering experts to analyze different problems being faced by the SME informationization industry. As to how to resolve the chaos of the industrial market and the bottleneck of the industrial standard, consensus was reached among the experts that it is imperative to expedite the establishment of industrial standard.


For most SMEs are facing to the complicated corporate informationization market, it has already been an arduous task to select an information service provider which would enhance SMEs’ competitiveness in their core businesses. For an informationization service provider, in order to develop its business, it has to resolve urgently the problems of how to continuously bring value to customers with standard services; increase customers’ satisfaction; and develop an even better informationization operation service chain.

How to crack the chaos of the industrial market? How to resolve the industrial standard?

Dr. Chen Baoguo, Director of Research Institute of International Technology, Development Research Center of the State Council, believed that SMEs have become an important support for China’s social and economic development. Informationization of SMEs will play an important role in the nation’s transformation from a big manufacturing country to a powerful one, which also will be an important factor for boosting the nation’s industrialization. For the time being, SMEs are facing to such problems as chaotic informationization service market and the absence of informationization standard which are the main reasons for hindering the progress of informationization of SMEs.

Dr. Chen was in his opinion that the standard for the SME informationization process and the implementation of the service standard for SMEs will expedite full development of the informationization of SMEs, and that both the formulation and implementation of the informationization service standard for SMEs have to be suitable for SMEs’ needs in terms of simplicity; user-friendly; product categorization; platform compatibility; and flexibility in matching with the development of internet information technology and e-commerce applications, and such formulation and implementation of standard are preferably capable of being upgraded to the national industrial standard and are preferably mandatory or carried out by means of the market mechanism so as to change the present chaotic condition of the informationization service market. As a result, both the corporate images and product and technologies can be well recognized and  popularized. Dr. Chen further expressed that such leading enterprise as CE Dongli would make its necessary contribution to promoting standard service and leading the market.

The experts pointed out that only standardized operation will help growing enterprises to get rid of the current problems, enable the sound development of the industry, and bring the whole informationization operation service to the way of standardization. The establishment of an industrial standard is dependent on the participation of some industrial leaders, however, industrial standardization will face tremendous difficulties because informationization operation market involves extensive aspects and long industrial chain. Formulation and promulgation of an industrial standard should not be fight only on paper, but on the basis of on-going practices and a summary of experience gained by the service providers from its continuous informationization services provided for SMEs.

As an enterprise representative, CE Dongli was in the opinion that in the absence of an industrial standard, the whole informationization industry must first of all be self-disciplined so as to influence enterprises within the industry.Furthermore, it is necessary to take into account of all actual situations of SME informationization.  The only way for the whole informationization industry moving on the right track of development is to expedite the establishment of an industrial standard series through the joint efforts of all parties concerned.  In the symposium, CE Dongli also shared with others its internal research data and a full package of standard informationization operation and service system which is developed from its continuous service for SMEs over the past 12 years.

According to CE Dongli’s point of view, discussions on industrial standard are not only the issue that it concerns most but also the most concern issue for both users and suppliers in the whole industrial market. Moreover, CE Dongli also concerns the condition of continuous sound development of an industry, which will affect the future of millions of users and suppliers in the market. Being an industrial leader, CE Dongli’s responsibility and mission are to boost the sound and sustained development of the whole industry.

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