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  • 2010-04-20 16:17:28  (Views:80)

How Difficult in "Win" Sales of SME Internet marketing

Source: China Trade News

CE Dongli discovered from its recent research aiming at internet sales of SME clients, that nearly 80% clients’ understanding to internet sales still remained at the basic level “webpage indication”. Clients did not have any in-depth usage of and long-term plans of internet sales. CE Dongli experts indicated that development of internet usage by SMEs was in wave-band pattern – the first stage was consciousness and form, i.e. SMEs were willing to understand the effect on corporate development by internet application, and were actively to proceed such junior level work as website construction and promotion; the second stage was proactive form, i.e. SMEs started to proceed internet sales proactively for promoting its development; the third stage was in-depth usage stage, i.e. SMEs started to find out more internet applications for its own benefits.

By using its ten years’ experience in cooperating with SMEs, CE Dongli proposed SMEs’ internet sales should be “Win” sales. The critical point is to start “Elimination of Fundamental”, by cutting off those basic facilities without having relationship with the core business of the enterprise. Those facilities were accumulated redundancies resulting from those SMEs coping with IT management and IT era (for instances, corporate websites and different types of IT management system etc.), which all were regarded as “basic facilities” that an enterprise should have and established.

Therefore, it would not be difficult for SMEs having internet “Win” sales. Simply speaking, SMEs first of all have to detach from “consciousness stage” of intimated internet sales, and to find out the potentialities of internet sales, and make use of it as the actual tools assisting the development of enterprise instead of treating it as things of little value. Meanwhile, SMEs should clearly well understand the limitation of their own abilities, and should let such other IT operation expert as CE Dongli take care of their weak area in IT management basic facilities. On one hand, SMEs can better utilize internet resources and internet sales techniques and on the other hand, SMEs can focus its capital and manpower in corporate development so as to stand with the severe competition in the post economic crises era and to increase their market shares continuously.

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