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  • 2010-05-24 16:15:39  (Views:109)

Digital Business Z+ – Demonstration Platform for SME Website Construction

Source: prnews.cn

Recently, China Electronic Commerce Association formally granted CE Dongli Digital Z+ products as “Demonstration Platform for SME Website Construction”. Chen Dan, General Manager of CE Dongli, indicated that Digital Business Z+ have been launched to the market for two years, during which the most impressive result was the accreditation from the corporate clients resulting from its practical performance in rendering assistance to SMEs in construction of their websites.

CE Dongli in the past ten years, its market target remained SMEs in China, so it has much in-depth understanding in the SME market. CE Dongli believes that the character of SMEs is that they will continuing modify their business directions and keep changing organizational and business structures when they are facing to environmental pressure which threatens their survival and to severe competitions. Therefore, a service must be required, which first of all satisfies the demands for basic IT requirements by SMEs, and secondly, the cost of which is sustainable by SMEs. Furthermore, the service should not be required for too much professional knowledge. Under these requirements, CE Dongli launched Digital Business Z+ products. By spending two years’ practicing, China Electronic Commerce Association stated that Digital Business Z+ can fully satisfy SMEs’ website construction and demands for higher level of e-business development, and can provide much better services for SMEs’ e-business development, therefore, Digtial Business Z+ was accredited as “Demonstration Platform for SME Website Construction”, and it is expected to bring much conveniences to SMEs.

In the occasion that Digital Business Z+ was accredited as “Demonstration Platform for SME Website Construction”, which indicated the recognition and endorsement of Digital Business Z+ by both China Electronic Commerce Association and CE Dongli’s over 300,000 corporate clients. The next step to be taken by CE Dongli is to start in-depth product promotion activities on a nationwide basis, for the purpose of enabling more corporations to have direct perception and deep understanding of website construction. In the meantime, CE Dongli constructs websites for SMEs for the purpose of driving and encouraging.

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