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  • 2013-10-21 11:48:22  (Views:163)

Breaking barriers in mobile marketing, CE Dongli helps SMEs to get more involved with the mass

With the popularization of mobile terminals, both our world and our lifestyles are being once again subverted by the mobile Internet. CNNIC’s large-scale research data show that China's mobile phone users are to reach 420 million in 2012; mobile phones will surpass PCs and become the No. 1 Internet access device. This little screen that is closest to users is not only changing our way of life, but also a window through which enterprises discover new opportunities and implement new marketing strategies. How can SMEs make good use of such a window?


Recently, the “new opportunities for touch mobile marketing & enterprises mobile Internet settling project” event sponsored by the Committee of Internet Marketing, and hosted by CE Dongli Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Taizhou. Top-notch mobile marketing experts and representatives of local SMEs gathered together to discuss the ways of mobile marketing for SMEs in the new era. Mr. Zhao Bangliang attended the event and delivered a speech. He shared wonderful views on how to make use of the power of science and technology to enable SMEs to get more involved with the mass.


Zhao Bangliang expressed that SMEs have weak financial foundations and high costs of capital, which requires them to get more involved with the mass, keep closer contact with consumers, and have keener insights on consumer demands than state-owned enterprises.


How to realize such goals? Zhao Bangliang pointed out that they should take advantage of all kinds of resources, and promote and launch their specialty products at the fastest speed possible, while the mobile Internet that shows high-speed development is the most viable direction.


We’ve seen that with the development of the mobile Internet, everyone's mobile phone can be used as a tool. As a communication tool in the new era, the mobile phone is the easiest and cheapest tool for companies to communicate with the outside world. According to Zhao Bangliang, mobile website is a very good solution to allow customers to understand our business, and make our brand known to consumers. In subways or on buses, the fragments of time of potential consumer groups are the best opportunities to promote the company.


However, many companies are not doing very well in terms of mobile website. Because many corporate websites are designed on the basis of PC, when they are displayed on mobile phones, such problems as aspect ratio, failure of displaying pictures, low speed in opening web pages, and failure of using certain functions will show up.


From the point of view of consumer psychology, the web design dedicated for the screen for mobile phones is particular about the data, angle, text size, and images, in order to let customers to see it clearly at a glance, and thus stimulate customer's desire for consumption. Therefore, websites designed for marketing in the mobile Internet era must be changed from the level of idea. It should be reconstructed according to the characteristics of the mobile Internet, so that the basic data of the company can be perfectly showed on different platforms regardless of Apple, Android, or Microsoft.


As a marketing solution provider that helps customers to seamlessly migrate their old website to the mobile Internet, CE Dongli can help enterprises to exert their local strengths and resources relying on the mobile platform, so that more local customers will become familiar with the company, and thereby identify their brands and products.


It is reported that CE Dongli can provide a full range of mobile Internet marketing solutions, which include both traditional PC website construction solutions and mobile website construction solutions that conform to the needs of the development of the mobile Internet era. In particular, the mobile APP website construction products of CE Dongli can help SME users to build their own official websites that suit the browsing habits on touch screen mobile phones with the support of a strong technical team, so that they can display the corporate image, disseminate corporate information, process the intention of customers, manage website operations anytime anywhere, to help the companies to create personalized mobile portals and client ends, so that they will access more customers through expanding their channels to the 420 million mobile phone users; as a result, the companies will be able to get more involved with the mass, and achieve business growth with the lowest costs. 

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