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Information and Knowledge are the Powers in the New Age of IT

As the revolution and advancement of information technologies bring historical opportunities to China, it is the mission of Sino-i to build up an information-based and knowledge-transmission platform by applying the most advanced information technologies so as to serve the corporations and the public in China, to make its own contribution to the development of IT and knowledge industry, and to enable the information and knowledge to become the source of power for national development, social advancement, and talents emergence.

We are deeply convinced that the most important resource for developing IT and knowledge is talents, so we lay weight on talents, respect them and emphasize the mutual benefit between enterprise and employees. It is our philosophy that the accomplishment of enterprise target is absolutely on the basis of the career development of individuals, and we promise to our talents that we will provide them a broad stage to help them succeed. We are capable to provide much broader development space for our employees because our businesses cover those areas of IT application service, financial and economic message, distance education, culture communication, and lots of enterprises subordinate to us are in leadership position in relating industries and areas as well as our branches spread all over the country. As long as you have ambition and abilities, you will have the opportunity you want in our company.

We persist in the strategy of human resources investment. The human resources investment is to provide a stage for the staff to bring their talents into play, help to improve their comprehensive qualities and professional skills continuously, and then enhance their working performance on and on through a scientific system of personnel recruitment, selection, cultivation, and encouragement, the reasonable working conditions, good working environment, excellent enterprise culture. Subsequently, the enhancement of the staff’s working performance will absolutely promote the company’s integral performance, make it further advanced and developed, and will have its target and ideal accomplished. In the process, the staff will get the reasonable remunerations they deserve, have their abilities improved and career developed, get their job pleasures, and achieve their career targets. Thus the mutual benefit between enterprise and employees is achieved.

We are devoted to a 21st century learning-style company. Regarded training as the first productivity to company, we establish favorable post training and mid-long term talents cultivation plans, regularly hold management salons and professional exchange meetings for the staff to indulge in study pleasure, and to study new knowledge has become a part of basic work for each employee in our group. We do believe Sino-i will lead the perpetual advancement and development of information science and technology industry provided we have those employees who never stop self improvement and innovation.

We are devoted to creating a working atmosphere of fairness, equity, and clarity and advocating the culture of focusing on issue instead of personal characters. Our organization is simple and straight-forward, so we can reduce the communication barriers among different levels and departments and ceaselessly improve work efficiency through institutionalization, specialization and standardization. We advocate intercommunication instead of dictation, require all the principals to open the door and welcome suggestions and opinions and to step out to communicate on their own initiatives. We lay much more stress on team spirit and advocate solving the difficulties in work through a system of pooling the wisdom of the masses.

Sincerity, devotion, specialty and profession are our standards to choose the talents. Be responsible, diligent and thoughtful are the basic requirements for each employee.

We earnestly welcome you should you have made sufficient preparations and determined to be a pioneer for information age development.

Chen Dan
General Manager
Sino-i Technology Limited

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